Nostalgic about a Santa

Well, I’m still hooked up in christmas. As you see.
We had a christmas-theme in the photo-club, and I was associating on ”light”.
In Swedish the word for light is the same as candle, so you see why I was playing with my old candles and the camera.
The small one’s I think everyone recognise from Disney, and I have had them since sometimes in the 60’s.
The tall one is a real Oldie. It was my grandma’s and she got it in her youth, sometimes in the 20’s or early 30’s. He’s quite broken and fixed several times, but still standing tall.
Think this is my absolutely best wrapped up Christmas decorations, even better than the glass-ornament from the christmas tree.

More in mono you will find at Aileni’s Monochrome Weekend



6 thoughts on “Nostalgic about a Santa

  1. Flere som er hekta på jul, ja. Uff, jeg gruer meg for å rydde vekk pynten – men det får vente til trettende dagen 🙂

    Så herlig med nissen etter din bestemor!

    Veldig koselig stemningsbilde.

    Godt nytt år til deg og dine 🙂


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