Stretching, against the sky.

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10 thoughts on “Stretching

    1. Ja de är vackra, även när de blommar, och det är faktiskt både knoppar och fröhus.
      De ljusa och ”mjuka” är knoppar.
      Höstanemoner är minst lika vackra som sina vårliga sipp-släktingar

  1. Dear T ,

    I am contacting you with reference to a website that I am about to launch. It is an attempt to build up a community of photographers who can then improve their own photography by learning from each other. It is basically planned to be a kind of photography club that is NOT entirely focussed on competition and comparing the size of lenses they own.

    The idea is to provide lots of different ways for photographers to search for inspiration to improve their photography – hence the name of the site “searching4inspiration”. These will include workshops, challenges, reviews, featured photos, photo critiques, useful links, inspiring photoblogs, free member websites, a forum, meet ups and much more.

    Obviously the problem at the moment is the chicken and egg situation of setting all of this in motion without the network in place, and the network will not get in place until it is set up. One way I am trying to do this is to invite specific people whose work I have been impressed with on the net, to start off some of the sections.

    I see your work on memes such as lensday, and in particular your entry for the monochrome challenge. I have taken Black and White as the topic for the first challenge on Searching4Inspiration and wonder if you would mind taking a look at the site and in particular the challenge page, with a view to entering your image as a start to getting the whole thing going.

    If you have any other thoughts on what could be developed in this network please feel free to let me know, and obviously if you know anyone who might be interested in looking at the site please do let them know about it.

    The link to the site is http:/

    Thanks a lot



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