Eclipse of the Sun

This morning I ran out in a hurry. The sun should rise with a partial eclipse.
Went down to Österskärs Havsbad, and just hoped for a bit of clear sky.
Would bee nice to see the moon as a dark plate against the sun.
Please notice that I have NO idea hove to take picture of this, and I have no filter suitable for it.

Well, I’m not disappointed, but next time I hope it will be better.

And for Two 4 Tuseday: The Sun, the Moon and the Earth, planets that are exercising
attraction and repulsion. I wonder, does that mean that they are attractive and repulsive?

More at That’s My World, Mandagstema, Mellow Yellow, SkyWatch.



25 thoughts on “Eclipse of the Sun

  1. Jeg hadde forventinger til å få se dette i dag. Har gledet meg i dager, men naturligvis; I dag var det overskyet og regn etter uker med klart vær.
    Nydelig bilde!! Du var jammen heldig som fikk oppleve dette!

  2. Great capture of the eclipse! My skies were covered with thick dark clouds that day, so I’m happy to see now on your blog how wonderful the eclipse was thanks to your great shot!


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