Vi tar ett par bilder till från hamnen i Karlshamn,
inga redigeringar ännu, bara rakt på.
Jag är så förtjust i färgskalorna och reflektionerna i vattnet. I Like

Titta på mer Himmelskt, or more at SkyWatch.


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30 thoughts on “Karlshamn

  1. Great photos, unless they are Jpegs, everyone edits their shots. These are perfect, don’t need much editing apart from the lights being a little yellow, its hard for camera’s to record the right WB -shooting in RAW means you can change it later, but in JPEG its harder to find the right one and could make a mistake. I think Fluorescent WB would be good and would add more drama to the Twilight sky.

    1. Well, of-cause you’re right, I do all my shouting in raw, and turning it into jpeg is a kind of editing. And even straightening them up, I don’t call editing. But the yellow tone I find quite charming and I let it be. About Fluorescent, that’s absolutely no option in these pictures, then everything gets a sort of hysterical blue.


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